Rules execution for *ALL* incoming emails, not only unread


currently rules are only executed for incoming \ *unread * messages and nothing else (besides rules that are created for sent messages, of course).

This is simply poor behaviour at least for those amongst us who do use web interfaces for reading their emails or who use mobile devices with 3rd party email apps.

I would urgently apply for a “fix” to this intolerant behaviour of emClient since nowadays everybody does use different clients.

You could now argue that I always could use the context menu item to run the rules, however, this is not the best solution because I’ve to take action myself and for an automatism there are, guess what, rules! And at least that’s one promoted feature for emClient!

Please, please consider this enhancement into version 7. It shouldn’t be so difficult to implement. emClient should already know when it receives messages from the servers and therefor could easily apply the rules.

Thank you so much,

Hi Michael, this is unfortunately an intended behavior, eM Client can not differentiate between messages you’ve already read and sorted and those you’ve only read. If rules would be automatically applied to read messages, you might move a message back into your inbox and it would be again sorted for the appropriate folder.

Rules are only applied for new incoming messages, if you want to apply rules for read messages in your inbox or any other folder you can apply the rule manually, right click the folder and select “Apply Rule”.

Thank you for understanding,