Rules Enhancements

I am running IMAP with EM version 6.0.19861.0. Rules seem to run great manually and okay UNLESS the message is “READ” when I start the client. IF the message is already READ, the rule will not apply. This is a very big problem because i have two clients on the same box - myphone and my desktop client. I need the rules to apply regardless.

ALSO…i desperately need time frame as condition as rules, ex. If the message is FROM OR TO [email protected] AND the message is older than 7 days, move to folder X.

ALSO want read/unread options…ex: IF message is read and older than 30 days AND IN INBOX, move to local folders

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll pass the idea to developers.


Just found this old posting here and have exactly the same problem!!!

Why is it so hard to change the behaviour in emClient? Today lots of users do read emails on more than one device.

When returning to the PC, the defined rules should still work when fetching emails from the server although they have been read (on different devices) already.

Did you already pass this to your developer? I guess you have already found one in the meantime who can implement this basic change, haven’t you?