Rules don't get applied/run

Seems like email rules are applied sporadically, if at all. I created a couple of rules to move messages to folders and/or forward messages to a different email address, and those rules worked when I set them up and ran Apply Now.
But they don’t seem to work (regularly) when emails come in. They seem to work occasionally, at best, and I can’t see any pattern as to when they work (infrequently) and when they don’t (most often).
I’m on a Win 8 tablet, an IMAP email account.

I am having a simliar problem but i know what’s causing it. I am running IMAP with EM version 6.0.19861.0. Rules seem to run great manually and okay UNLESS the message is “READ” when I start the client. IF the message is already READ, the rule will not apply. This is a very big problem because i have two clients on the same box - myphone and my desktop client. I need the rules to apply regardless.

ALSO…i desperately need time frame as condition as rules, ex. If the message is FROM OR TO [email protected] AND the message is older than 7 days, move to folder X.

ALSO want read/unread options…ex: IF message is read and older than 30 days AND IN INBOX, move to local folders

Hi, unfortunately this is a normal behavior, Rules are always applied only for new incoming mail, if you read the email on another device you have to apply the rules manually, otherwise your emails won’t be sorted.
However there’s a solution for this and that would creating the rules for your other email clients on other devices as well and than all your mail will be sorted on every device.

I hope you understand, maybe if you’d like to see improvements to this feature, make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote on the feature.
Thank you,

I understand the logic Paul -however when my rule is moving from the server to a local folder i can’t duplicate the rule on my other clients because they don’t have access to my local folder store. thanks for the reply though. i’ve posted the idea.

yeah this would be complicated, however you can use the rules manually and all the mail would be sorted right away. I know this is a bit more complicated than you would expect, thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider making these changes in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,