Rules? Do yours actually run automatically?

Rules?  Do yours actually run automatically?

This is with Gmail.  I have a keyword that I would like to have automatically run, so that all messages with that keyword gets sent to the trash folder.  
It won’t ever run on receipt of the messages, but will run fine if I run it manually.

Here’s what my rule looks like:
after message has been received
with ‘6t’, ‘5t’, ‘op6’ found in subject


Is there a step I am missing?


These messages that are to be deleted are in the Inbox and marked as unread?


OK, because Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in the Inbox. If they have already been read by another app, or moved to a folder, Rules will not apply. If you move a message from a folder to the Inbox, or from another account, the Rule will not apply. 

Can you try the Rule a different way using the header option.

For the words, enter Subject: 6t etc. This option looks for a header (Subject:) and a word  (6t) contained in the header and must be entered in this format.

See if that works.

OK, I’ll try that.   Thanks.  Happy New Year!

Since no one but Gary actually tries to help in these forums, I’ll address this again to you.   

So there is no way to get the rules to run automatically in EMClient?

Did you try the with words found in the header option?

Yes, still doesn’t work

Then either the condition in the Rule does not match the data in the message, or the message is not new and in the Inbox.