Rules do not appear to be permanent

Version 6.0.20648.0
If I create a rule and apply to my Inbox, it does not appear to be permanently set.
When look again on the apply dialogue, the inbox I set is no longer set.

Is this a Bug or a lack of feature?

Hi John, I’m not completely sure if I understand the issue. Have you created the rule under Tools > Rules, can you make a screenshot of the rule setup?
Did you try to apply the Rule manually? Please note that Rules are applied on newly received email only, so if you possible received the message on some other device and you’ve already read the message, the rule won’t be applied.

Thank you,

Thanks for quick response.

I see what’s happening…
The Tools > Rule > “Apply rule…” button is not part of the On Receive setup. It’s only for manual runs.

Once I’ve entered into the Rules Dialog and checked it - it will run “On Receive”

I think I have my Spam being routed correctly now

Great, glad it works, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,