Rules based on message header

Hello guys, new to em client, was thinking to make the switch from outlook but had faced several problems already.

In outlook, I can use messga header as criteria to create rules, which no matter the email is send from or send to “THE EMAIL ADDRESS”. That rule will be excuted, which is very handy and we can just use the @emaildomain part of an email to create rules for their entire company/domain.

But when tried with emclient, I havn’t find any equivlent function to the message header in outlook. I tried the following combination:

  1. from people: rules applied when email was sent from them, but when our auto cc mail comes in, rules wont be applied
  2. send to people: similiar story to the from people, only half way there
  3. combined from people and send to people: strangely both parts doesn’t work any more, my understanding is that only when the condition of BOTH from people and send to people are met, the rules will be applied. which is disappointing.
  4. with words from the header: it is also what I am hoping and I cant even find any clear documents on that, seems I need to write “Subject : Keywords_I_Want” to make it work, but I tried putting “From: THE EMAIL ADDRESS” or “CC: THE EMAIL ADDRESS” and other common keywords none of them worked. Maybe this function needs a better documentation. New rule ( this is clearly not detailed enough.

Back to my question: How to achieve the same result to message headers in Outlook with one rules in em client? The image is what I set as rules in Outlook.


There may be workarounds to archive that in emclient, but I am lacking on how for now. And to the Dev team, thanks for the program overall, please create the functionality similiar to filter with message header in outlook.

It depends if the address is the sender or the recipient.

For Sender:

For Recipient (both To and CC):

For both/either:

You would need to set the tag and folder, which I haven’t done in the screenshots.

All my rules are based on the header… try this example:


This is now working for me, but only when I imput the all three (From/To/CC) with the full email address. But that means If I an writing to several people from the same outside company, I need to put 3 times the number of words for every email address I wish to apply. Which is not that convient, hope there is a more elegant way.

Thanks for the idea, but it doesn’t work.
Tried again, seems the words( are not been recognised as domain by the header, from/send to works with domain just fine.

All my rules are “Local Rules”
Can you display the rule you created, that did not work??
I have ~100 rules that use the header and all work perfectly.

If I type the full email in, it can work, but if I only input the @and the remaining part, it cant.
This is the rule I set up.

Do a quick search in the Inbox after applied the rule above, and still 7 emails in the inbox with either meet the criteria in the to or cc field. The 7/10 in the GSOCN folder was moved manually and is different from the one left in the inbox.

Try this…
Add the last line to the rule: stop processing other rules.

Still “not working”, then try removing the @ sign in the rule line ( Not sure if it has anything to do with “not working” but worth a try.