Rules based on adding or removing tags

In general I follow the “Zero Inbox” strategy to handle my mails. To archive that, I tag mails and move them to different folders.

I have following workflow very often:

  • Tag a mail
  • Move it to a specific folder with the mouse

It would be great, if a rule can be started, after a tag is added to an mail to execute the movement automatically.

BTW: Moving it automatically if the email is incoming is not applicable, because I have to read the mail before I can decide with shall happen with the mail.

Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox. Generally they won’t have a tag when they arrive, so Rules can’t be used to process this.

But see my comments here.

Using Quick Actions you will be able to assign a tag and move the message with one action, or using a keyboard shortcut, so that may be of use to you.

Hi Gary,

thank you for your quick reply. So if I undestand you correctly, you will provide a new feature “Quick Actions” which will be coming with version 10, what can automate this kind of workflow, right?

Yes, that is correct. You will still need to click on something, but one click can perform multiple actions.