Rules automatically


is ist possible to run rules automatically ?
maybe to set time all 10 minutes , or after receiving mails ?


Rules already run automatically, but they apply only to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox.

I have found that if you read messages on another device, when you run eM Client it will not consider those messages as new, and will not apply Rules to them. The same as when you have a filter on a server or other device that moves messages to a folder, eM Client will not apply Rules to those messages either.

So, what happens is when eM Client is running, and a new message arrives in your Inbox, Rules will be applied to that message, otherwise not. You can always run them manually by right-click on the folder and selecting Apply Rule, but there is no way to schedule that.


maybe a button for "quick " rules would be fine

Need to check on this answer.  I’ve set up two rules which I’m expecting to run on my client PC free version of emC.  The rules don’t run automatically - is this a feature of the freebie version?  
The rules work fine if manually applied by me via the Rules menu subwindow (categorising and moving between folders).  But they won’t process new emails in my inboxes with my manual intervention.  Why not? 
Note: there was already a spam filter rule there (which I can’t edit) which applies to “all local accounts”. The rules I’ve created apply to “all accounts” which seems to be the default setting without me setting any particular condition.  I’ve two email accounts I’d like to process, hence I’ve two inboxes 

Rules work the same on both the Free and Pro Licenses.

Rules only apply to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox at the exact time they are received by IMAP/Exchange or POP3. If they are already there, the Rule will not be applied automatically. If you move messages to your Inbox, the Rule will not be applied to them automatically. If you have server side filters that move the messages to sub-folder, Rules will not be applied automatically.

All the spam filter Rule does is look for spam headers added by your server so there is nothing to edit. If you want to change the Rule because your server uses unusual syntax in the header, you can delete that Rule and then add it again using the option below. That will enable you to edit it.

By default Rules will apply to all accounts unless you specify a specific account for that Rule.

Finally, the latest version of eM Client available on the website, 7.2.36465 has some issues with Rules. If nothing seems to fix your problem, uninstall eM Client making sure NOT to delete the database when asked, and download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History. See if that helps.


Thanks for this, but don’t exactly understand where the rules are residing.  My rules are on the free client version of emC working on IMAP accounts.  But don’t believe the rule is working exactly as expected automatically.

New emails are arriving on the server with the characters SSNTV in the title since the rule was created, but when sometime later, I synch the client version with the web mail no categorisation in this case is applied. If I do this manually on the inbox it will work.  

This is v7.2.35595.0.  

If the message has been read using the web mail client, or another email client on your phone, then the Rule in eM Client will not apply to it automatically.

If that is not the case, maybe try the following Rule instead:

Type the searched words exactly as above, so Subject: SSNTV then click add. This is a wild card search, so if the subject is Benthall Hall ssntvrb it will work.


Not sure why your differently syntax’d rule should apply better than mine?
Anyway 1 day after original rules were defined, new emails arriving are correctly processed by the rule.

Perhaps this was due to other problems with emC connectivity to BT yahoo mail - may be the rule application for one of the two email accounts was not completed installed.   Now after several refreshes it seems it is!

Just a different way of doing the same thing. Actually it probably is exactly the same way that the Rule does it behind the scenes, just a manual way of specifying the argument.

Glad it is now working, despite your email provider. From what I have read on this forum, BT/Yahoo! is something to be avoided. :wink: