Rules are not processing properly, leaving matched messages in the Inbox.

Hi, can you attach here screenshot of your rule with visible settings and folder where you want to put your emails?


My name is Navaratnam Kanagenthiran,- Lawrence Ave, east, Toronto, Ont…,
and I have open a new e-mail under NAVA.KANAGEE@g mail com, about 5 months ago, and it was working smoothly for one or two months .But, I used to read my e-mail every 4 days. It was o.k for couple .months. Now; some un-known name comes and disturbed my e-mails, therefore I could not have any e-mails.
Please look into this matter. My tel,647 766 1207

Hello John Galis- I am not a person to look or read other man’s e-mail. I am making submission to the e-mail authority, but not to individual person pl

Hi, is your issue about using rules? I am quite confused about your report.



problem still exists, Read message trough web make No rule effect on Emclient, Is that correct? 2 mayor version and no fix? Pro version have the same problem?


Hi Francisco, what you’ve described is not an issue but a feature of the local rules in eM Client.
Rules in eM Client will only sort new unread messages, so once you read the message on another device or in webmail the message won’t be processed by the rule once downloaded in eM client, as it has already been processed by the user on another device.

You could avoid this by using server rules, which sort out the message immediately once it’s received by the server.

Thank you for understanding, hope this helps,

Hi paul,

Thanks for fast Answer, we are looking to migrate 30 Outlook user to EmClient pro because we are about to change to google work,  I’m testing EmClient Free if this meet our requirement, but this “Feature” is not good for US. Let me tell why.

Most of our user use Outlook and Iphone or android, they get all message on the inbox of they mobile device, because change Folder on mobile is a pain and you never really know if you get a new message. So the perfect solution is just like Outlook do. You read all your message on inbox mobile and when they get download on outlook, outlook sort then to the correct folder.

I suppose they are not and option on emclient pro to change this feature?


I love EmClient  

Hi again Francisco, unfortunately this won’t work, but the behavior is the same with Outlook, local rules can only be processed on new unread messages.
Once the message has been read it was processed and Rules can not move the message automatically, only by using rules manually (which you can do in eM Client just as well).

Thank you for understanding,