Rules and Archiving Options

I just switched over from Outlook 2013 because I hated the new version. I’ve used Outlook for many years. eM client is a great alternative, but there are a few things I really wish were easier to use and more advanced. The Rules are not as easy to create and don’t always work.  I would like to see it be easier to set up a Rule and more options for the rules.  
The Archiving is also something I’m not fond of. I don’t understand why I can only archive the Inbox. Why wouldn’t there be the option to archive or not archive each folder?  Then each folder has to be dealt with manually.  It makes no sense to me.  In addition, since only the Inbox is archived the emails in the “Smart” Folder Inbox don’t archive.  Therefore they do not match.  What is the point of having two Inboxes if it won’t archive both?  I’m not sure what the point of the Smart Folders is.  Otherwise, there are a lot of things I do like about eM Client. I want to continue using it. Thanks.

Hi Amy, we’re currently working on eM Client version 7 which will include more improved ways to archive your email using the application. As to the application archiving features, please note the difference between online and offline archiving.

If you want to archive your email using eM Client, the archiving feature removes the items from your server and saves the to the offline, local, unsynchronized local folders. This feature is mostly for accounts using POP protocol with insufficient storage on their mail server.

Using some of the more advanced email servers, such as GMail (Google), you can also use the online archiving feature, these servers support to archive your messages to a single archive folder (All Mail) allowing you to have your archived email still stored safely on the server using custom folders and labels for the message.

Smart folder feature in eM Client will always display such message as the smart folders are setup to collect your email from all the available folders in eM Client.

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problem with archiving is that I’ve plenty of rules that do already move the e-mails from the inbox folders to local folders. That’s the current “definition” for archiving in emClient.

As time goes by those local folders, too, fill up with e-mails from several years now.

Which means I would like to use archiving here, too, to move those ancient e-mails from the local folders to a “real” archive folder.

Good feature would be that I can first tell emClient which folder I would like to archive to. Second I would like to move those e-mails and define a criteria, e.g. older than a month, older than a year, older than the beginning of a year and so on. Would be nice if I can define those options on a per folder basis. I dare saying that this would be a killing feature :wink:

The folder name where to archive such e-mails should be generic. I could image that I could use some variables like %year%, %month% or %source_folder_name% or %account%. Hence a target folder name could look like: %account%%source_folder_name%%year%.


Hi again Mike, I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to as “real” archive folder, but as I’ve mentioned, the offline archiving feature will disable your ability to keep a backup of your data, this has been used with the older POP3 accounts that had an insufficient storage on the server.

You can setup the offline archiving feature to move your items into a real archiving folder from your account folder in Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic archiving.

However as there’s no difference between keeping your email in local folders and the “archive” folders it is not possible to archive the local folders, as the feature was designed to remove the messages from your mail server in case you don’t have enough storage.