Rules: allow filtering on a full sentence

Currently, only separate words appear to be supported to filter on in a rule, that would be a huge improvement to all specifying full sentences. Thanks in advance

You need to add the words all in one line.


So to set a Rule to find your above post when it is received in eM Client, you would use only separate words.


If I choose something like the following Rule, it will not include your post because only separate words two is not in the sentence.


Thanks Gary.
Actually I tried, and it didn’t work. However, I pasted the sentence verbatim, f.i. “Some files / folders could not be backed up due to an unexpected error.”, could it fail due to the ‘.’ and the ‘/’?

Yes, that could be it. eM Client introduced some RegEx in version 8, and although I don’t use that, I believe things like the / and the . are used as special functions.

Maybe @skybat can comment on that, as I know he is testing some RegEx.

What you can do is use only part of the sentence. So folders could not be backed up due to an unexpected error.