Rule to set Follow Up flag on received emails

I would love to see an option when creating a new rule to allow setting the Follow Up flag on an email as it is received.

unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, I’ll change this topic to an Idea
and we might add the feature in future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out,

It’s very useful … I have many and many emails (“network control center”) - and important emails automaticaly flagged by filter rule. After that I see it in right collumn in Outlook (Agenda in eM).

This feature is currently only one that prevents me from using eM Client.

Hi Martin, sorry this is a key feature for you, maybe you would find useful categorizing emails by using rules.
That’s the closest thing possible at the moment.

Thank you,

Then I have no choice but to wait. 
Categories are not a replacement - work with them is lengthy. Suitable for slightly different things than automation. And they are not synchronized to the IMAP server (I think), though it probably does not matter. 

A typical user does not appreciate it. But I have a lot of emails every fifteen minutes … five different periodic reports and other events occurring on the network. Some are important - for example, server outage, service or radio link. They must be seen at a glance - clicking on any filters (or smart folders) is useless. This requires human action, ie mostly overlooked such email. 
And most importantly you need to mark such email automatically. On the basis of criteria such as sender, text in the subject or message header. I also use high priority, low priority, etc. 

Flags are very fast - one look, one click and that’s all I care about in most cases. 

For the less important messages categories are usable. However, I use folders, that’s enough. Unfortunately not recognize parental folders that contain unread emails. I think the seniors, the last to show up. I use multi-level folders. 

Working with flags is one of the good features of Outlook at work with emails. Outlook It is even so that each email is also designated task. But I do not use. Create a task from an email is better as it is doing eM. 

Unfortunately, Outlook is very bad to work with IMAP server. It is slow, often freezes, crashes. So I’m looking for a replacement. Only eM Client me (yet) satisfies (mainly support CardDAV / CalDAV). Except for a few small things. And this great Flag problem … 

I have not tried to use eM to all my mailbox. Yet. My PST file currently has 41 gigabytes and dozens of thousands of emails. Only then will show the quality of your work :-) 

I think that adding this action to the filter rule can not be so difficult. Already there are options that affect the state of the file on the IMAP server. For example, the read status, or delete the email. 

Thank you for the quick response. I was not expecting. 

Have a nice day.

Hi again Martin, I understand your point, I agree that this is a missing feature, I’ve added the feature to the list of requested features and we’ll consider adding it to future releases.
However all our features are implemented based on the number of requests regarding the feature.

I’m sorry that this is a key feature for you to be able using eM Client, hope you can find a way to use it in the meantime while we are working on other features such as the one you’re requesting.

Thank you for understanding,

I would also vote for this useful functionality, thanks.

Me too! Rather than just Flag On, Flag Off, I would love to flag “To Do” and “Done”. Toss in priorities and I’d be a happy (and more productive) camper!

Has there been any news on this?

I have several clients and would love me able to categorize flagged emails so that when they show up on the right column I can quickly see which ones are which.   An email with a subject “re: Invoices” could be for any of them.

Any other ideas how to keep flagged emails organized?  They do come in through separate emails accounts.


Boomerang, as in the browser addon?

YES, or something that functioned like it? i want to be able to see if people have responded to my emails or not. 

Four years ago and it still hasn’t happened? I bumped into this recently, but I need to be able to automatically flag emails from certain people about certain subjects so that I don’t lose track of them. Categorizing them is easy, but that doesn’t work the same way. I came here to suggest this, then saw it was already suggested. And like someone else suggested, it would be nice if clicking on the flag would automatically change it to a ‘completed’ flag. That way I can tell if I have finished with the email, or just forgot to flag it in the first place. In today’s world automation is the key to good software. I used Outlook for years, but no longer have access to MS Exchange. Outlook w/o exchange won’t syn my Google Calendar. So I switched to eM only to discover that I can’t make a rule to set a flag. :( 

Actually, I figured out a workaround for me. I’m using gmail, so I went back to my webmail access and did the filter there, telling it to star every item that met certain criteria. I also set up an inbox subfolder for it, but you wouldn’t have to do that. Now it works great because eM interprets the star as a flag. If you’re not using gmail, go to the web access for your IMAP site and you might be able to filter your mail there. I’m pretty sure that this would work in and most other email suppliers. Now if we can just get that completed flag yet!