Rule to remove category

Since many gmail account emails come with Important category assigned, it would be great to create a Rule to unset category upon receiving of email. 

Currently there is only set category option.

Thank you.

I was looking for the exact same thing. Is there a work around to remove a category?

While you can’t remove this category, there is a workaround that seems to work:

You need to set up the filter in gmail, not emclient.  To do this, go to settings in the gmail web interface and choose Filters and Blocked Addresses.  Then:

  1. Set up a new filter
  2. In the To: box put your email address, and press “Create filter with this search”
  3. tick “Never mark Important”.
  4. As you create the filter, also select to have it applied to all matching messages as well. That should empty your Important folder and as it will remain empty as long as the filter is in force, you can just ignore it.

Let us know fi this works.

Try this to remove ‘important’ tags …—all-of-my-messages-…