Rule to move emails to folders.

I created a rule to move emails to designated folders, but mails are not moved, but just tagged with categories and still showing all the mails  in ‘inbox’
(which is supposed to be moved directly to the folders from their arrival)

Outlook does move all the mails to the designated folders and not showing them in inbox. Is there any way I can apply the same to Em Client?

The first thing to consider is that Rules in eM Client are only applied automatically to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox. If the message has already been read on another email client, it will not be moved.

Once thing you can try, to see if the Rule is otherwise correctly configured, is to run in manually. Right-click on the Inbox and choose Apply Rule . . .  Choose the Rule from the list and see if that moves the messages.

If not, check you have the correct folder. Also if you create a Rule, and then later rename the folder in eM Client, it will be removed from the Rule. In that case just edit the Rule and select the new folder.

If that still does not help, can you give a screenshot of the Rule.

Hi Gary. Thank you so much for your reply.

I am well aware of the first one, and I’ve tried the second one and weirdly, a specific one works, but the other ones are not working. 

Gmail also has the same filter as well as outlook (I deleted my account from outlook in the morning so I believe it’s not in sync anymore.)

And the rule below is working. Which means it moves emails to the designated folders and not showing the emails in ‘inbox.’

The only difference between them is that

  1. The first rule is also applied both in Gmail and Outlook. The second rule is not.
  2. The second rule is created in EM Client after the account is disconnected from Outlook.

I hope my explanation clarifies the problem.

And you are sure that qcpor or the word you redacted is in the message body of messages sent from who you specified? Not the subject, but the body?

yes. It’s an automated notification email. The email starts with ‘QCPOR’. It worked fine both in Outlook and Gmail. The main problem is that it is categorized perfectly but not being moved to the folders and still showing in ‘inbox.’  

If you already have a Rule that categorizes the message OK, then just add the move option to that same Rule. See if there is any difference.