Rule on my email

i’d like to block or junk one of my own email addresses. but when i go to rules and see the list of default types the “To:” field doesn’t have one.

If I understand what you are asking, this should work:

i get the idea , but it is the recipient ( not the From, but the TO ).
and when so far i’ve tested several variations it hasn’t worked.

OK, change From: to To:

ok, i think i have something working now. the main thing i was missing was getting into a rule format that had ‘header’ . thanks for the encouragement!

I think it may be better if you don’t want to receive messages sent to one of your accounts, just remove the account from eM Client. Otherwise I am not sure why you have the account in eM Client, and move all messages sent to it, to Junk. Or did I misunderstand when you said you wanted to block one of your email addresses?

But if that is what you want, we do have that option in the Rule:


i only have one email address in the account, & i am not sure why that email is still active anywhere. it is likely being forwarded, either by xfinity, gmail, but its unknown to me where it originates or where it is passed along. i have no google wordspace account anymore, and working with xfinity or comcast is useless.

Oh, that makes sense.