Rule from domain address not working

I am using eM Client version 7.1.3.   I have rules to move incoming mail to the junk folder that have a from addresses and  The rule is active.  It does not work even if I run it manually.   I am suddenly getting swamped with junk mail and this wild card function would be great if it worked.   Reading other response, I understand this is supposed to work.  Can you help me?    Thanks

I solved my problem by adding a rule After message has been received
with ‘Return-Path:’ found in header
move to Junk E-mail

You can also just blacklist the domain.

Thanks but I needed a way to blacklist everything coming from because the spammers were using a new prefixed domain on each email and in the blacklist did not work for some reason.

Yes, this rule works really nicely. Overcomes the limitation of not allowing wildcards for sub-domains. You can drop the .com then if they start sending from other domain extensions it will also work.

So: Return-Path: onmicrosoft

I am having problems with junk mail that is using the same domain extension - .date.
I want to setup a rule for the extension .date only, since the domain name is being changed for each mail.
How can I do this in emClient ?

Create a new rule on messages received. Choose With words found in the header. Type From: .date as the new word.

This will move ALL emails with .date in the from address or name to Junk. So [email protected] will end up there also. You could try .date> which might narrow it down to the end of the address.