Rule for - with specific words in the sender’s address

How can I set a rule on receiving email that is similar to Outlooks - message rule “with specific words in the sender’s address”
I want all emails from all contacts from say to move into a specific folder regardless of the user name before the @

When creating a rule, click the condition “from” and put in only

I too would like to see this, without having to use the @ sign. I use this functionality (with specific words in the senders address) in Outlook and Thunderbird. Having to key off of the @ sign is very limiting.

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible you have to create a rule for the whole domain using the ‘@’ sign.
Thank you for the suggestion though, we’ll consider changing this for future releases, but it’s not planned at the moment.

Thank you,

Any news regarding this feature?

Yes, this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum.

Create a new Rule,  Apply custom rule on messages I receive
Use with words found in the header , From: xyz