Rule based on NOT in contacts

I like a lot of things about emClient (in fact I’d purchased lifetime license) but the one non-starter is that I can’t create a rule based on if a sender is NOT in my contacts.  The current solutions of adding a rule based on known contacts is cumbersome and open to errors.  

I just downloaded 7.2 for Mac (beta) in hopes my request from 5 years ago has been implemented but sadly, no.

Am I the only one who thinks this should be an option or has everyone found the current rules as adequate?

Same problem

Hello Larry,

Thank you for this idea. We received a lot of feature requests about the Rules feature so we plan expanding the options in the upcoming version 8. I’ll add your request to the list as well.


Thank you.

I guess this didn’t make the cut, because we still can’t do this in v8 :frowning:

We need a way of firing a rule if sender Is or Isnot in Contacts.