Rule, after message received, with attachment, move to (Folder Name) and copy to different folder, all in same account

Rule: With attachment, Move to (folder a) and copy to another (folder B), the email disappear, its not making it to specified folder, and can not find in search. It just deletes it permanently.

On google i can see these show up, but once em client syncs, its gone.

Used to work fine, Now its broke.

Can we get a look at the rule exactly as you created it (screenshot)?

I will add here in a minute or too. i am going to check one more thing.

It may be the label on the message is being removed. You should find it in the All Mail folder. There were some issues like this with Gmail in an earlier version of eM Client, so make sure you are always using the latest version in the Release History, as it could already be fixed there.

Or, you are moving the message to another account folder, or to Local Folders.

This rule works fine.

Well, the issue seems to come down to the addition of and copy to, another folder. to the above rule.

once i have that added it makes the emails disappear.


My solution was to make a separate rule for the copy.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was because of the original receiving email address, but it looks like it comes down to having a combined rule.

that last post was false, I just remembered I had to manually remove the tags before deletion.

I am having this issue as well, but after an email is forwarded the email disappears, as it is deleted permanently, I cannot find it in search, trash,spam, all mail, any reference to it at all. The only way I know it initially arrived is that the rule I use forwards the email to my accounting program and I can see the pdf there that was on the original email. I don’t know where to start on troubleshooting this issue! The thing that is in common is the rule states attachment is present and it is forwarded. But the fact that the email disappears without a trace is concerning! Any ideas welcomed!

After editing the rule to delete the “with attachment” instruction the email was still disappearing. I have since narrowed it down to the forward instruction. It seems forwarding the email is doing something in emclient for the email to disappear completely, no trace of it at all in any folders, vis search, spam etc. Anybody else having this issue?