RTL language support on subject

Hi there!

I’m using the latest version (free edition)
The text on body can be edited quite well.
However, on the subject field, or the recipients, the text direction, or alignment, can not be changed at all
And this is too bad because it prevents me from posting digits at the beginning of a Hebrew subject - the digit/s flip to the left side!

It happens when composing new messages, as well as on the received messages

Will it be fixed on future versions?
I really love the client, by the way. It could have been perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

This is standard practice on many email clients in my experience, including the webmail I use.
{ I suspect subject lines are kept as simple plain text to integrate well with the different mail-servers and email clients.)

As a workaround you could of course type the subject line in the main body of the email, then copy(or cut) and paste that text into the subject line. Sending that ‘test’ email to yourself will let you know if it works in EM Client or not , and opening the email in webmail will confirm if the special characters show up there as well.

Thanks for the reply, I will try that.
However, as I said, the problem with text direction view happens on inbox messages also, while the same message looks 100% on the web Gmail.

Too bad.

By the way, that didn’t do the trick.
I copied the text from body to subject, sent the message and it’s still shown left to write.
On web Gmail, looks ok :slight_smile: