RTF from an imported Outlook PST is interpreted as inline text in the resulting messages in eM

When I imported a PST from Outlook with approx. 50k messages, each message is treated as though the text were plain text, so there are a lot of “\f0” markers and other RTF commands that should not appear in the imported messages.  Is there an option or method to recognize the difference between plain text, rich text, and html formats for the messages in an import?

Thank you!!

As far as I know eM Client does not support RTF, only plain text or HTML. I can’t recall any email client that does send in RTF, though I seem to remember that some Microsoft products may allow composing in RTF, but convert that HTML when sending.

Here are two snapshots of an example message (personal info redacted).

This one is in Outlook:

This is how it appears in eM Client after the import:

I also looked at the headers and source of the message in both programs.

I was wrong, RTF isn’t part of the message formatting at all!

At least, it isn’t according to the headers or source - so the import of the PST file through eM Client is where something would had to have happened as far as I can tell…EXCEPT that the source for the message in eM Client not only doesn’t refer to RTF, it doesn’t contain the “\f0” tags that occur within the message.

Any thoughts?

I can include personal-info-redacted headers and sources for the respective programs, if you don’t mind looking through them…

By the way, thank you very much for responding.  Oh, and I forgot - there is an option to use what’s called “Outlook Rich Text Format” in Outlook, but I have never used that option plus these tags are occurring mostly in received documents through eM, not sent ones.