RSS unread notifications and listing

Right now RSS notifications in the widgets windows are shown as one stream of information. I think it would be better to show it as a list of read and unread individual messages.

I agree with this I like to know which ones I’ve read rather than having 50 endless streams of autoupdating information.

The current RSS reader isn’t that useful as written already above. It should be possible to read the feeds like e-mails and not as complete “webpage”.

Best would be if the eM Client would support news reader services. Like that you only need to fill in username and password and all your news are being synchronised from the server. Below some news reader services which should be supported:
Feed Wrangler
The Old Reader
Minimal Reader
BazQux Reader

Hi Maurus, thank you for the suggestion, I agree, I’ll add this feature for consideration to improve the application’s behavior in future releases.

Thank you,


Are there any news for this? Currently missing a simple read/unread feature. Just like a unread mail would be so great!

Hello Marius,
considering and implementing new features is a very time-consuming process, so while changes to the RSS viewer are not currently planned, that does not mean that it won’t change for future versions.


I too, would like to eM Client’s RSS feed behave more like an mail inbox than its current incarnation.

I have used Outlook and Thunderbird prior to using eM Client, and both of them treated RSS like an inbox, with the ability to mark ‘as read’ or delete completed feed entries, which gives a clear visibility of what is outstanding.

I have set up eM Clients RSS Widgets with all my feeds, but it is hard to determine new from old, requiring that I read all the dates and check against my memory if it has been actioned or not.

It would be good to see eM Client on a par with other email clients in this respect,

Having just come across from Thunderbird I’m finding most of eM pretty slick, but this RSS functionality via a widget is way below the quality of the rest of the program and seems like an afterthought.

If you can add RSS feeds exactly like they are in Thunderbird that would be ideal.
As per below image, they are displayed like a mail account with a separate message for each update.

I’ve seen others suggest putting them under an additional RSS tab, but I’d prefer to be able to add them under a combined Mail / RSS tab so I don’t miss any important updates.
Creation should be handled via the standard Accounts window.