RSS Feeds

I set up 3 RSS widgets that are not receiving feeds. They are just blank. How do I get the widgets to receive feeds?

Can you please say what feeds specifically do you use? We will try to reproduce the issue.……

What version of eM Client do you use? I tested it and only last two are working, first is blank as you said.

I’m using the latest version that I downloaded just yesterday. How did you get the last 2 to work?

I normally set it up in Tools->Settings->Widgets as new RSS Widgets and right after that they worked.

Try create them again or find out whether some other programs (firewall/antivirus) aren’t blocking them. We will take a look into first RSS which isn’t working.

I did create them again, but they still didn’t work. I tried creating them as web feeds instead of RSS feeds, and they did work, but they are a pain to read with all the extra symbols.

None of the feeds created using IE have made it to eM. What is the process for using RSS feeds in eM.

Hi, have you made those RSS directly in eM Client?


Yes. I first tried a few RSS feeds in both widgets. Neither worked.

And do you see any error messages?


The first link is not an RSS feed, the correct link is…