RSS Display

I just posted the below as a reply to another Idea , but then noticed it was posted 7 years ago and there’s been no improvements.

Having just come across from Thunderbird I’m finding most of eM pretty slick, but this RSS functionality via a widget is far below the quality of the rest of the program and seems like an afterthought.

If you can add RSS feeds exactly like they are in Thunderbird that would be ideal.
As per below image, they are displayed like a mail account with a separate message for each update.

I’ve seen others suggest putting them under an additional RSS tab, but I’d prefer to be able to add them under a combined Mail / RSS tab so I don’t miss any important updates.
Creation should be handled via the standard Accounts window.

I completely agree, I love the RSS integration in Thunderbird, this is something that I’m really looking for in another email client before I buy.

I, too, would love to have RSS implemented like this: the way Thunderbird and Postbox currently do. The widget way is very complicated and impossible to use: you must make a new widget per RSS feed. This is a pain, and, if web widgets are anything to go by, a huge waster of RAM.

Please, eM Client, can we have this as a feature in v8?

Completely agree. With Thunderbird the RSS articles are treated just like email messages. That means you can file them away in folders with your emails, you can forward them on to others, etc.

If I wanted to view my RSS feeds as a web page, I would use my browser.

I emailed support, and I got a reply from Juraj Micek, saying:

“Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented yet but I have just added it to our list of feature requests so we will certainly consider it for future updates.”

There’s hope!

Any updates on implementing a proper RSS reader, like Thunderbird and Postbox have?

Bum. I really miss this feature from Thunderbird.