Rollback to older version - new one no good

How do you rollback to the last version - the new one doesn;t work well at all. Can;t get my xtra email regardless of what I do.

I did exactly that this morning. I have a disk image backup of my whole system from the day before I upgraded to version 8.

Do this entirely at your own risk, I cannot guarantee it will work for you or that you won’t lose data!

I uninstalled version 8 choosing the option to retain the database (just in case!). I renamed that database folder eM Client 8. I switched off my internet connection. I then installed version 7. I renamed that database folder eM Client 7. I opened my disk image and found the database folder from the day before the upgrade to 8. I copied that folder over to my current location for the database and that was it. When I switched the internet connection back on the emails updated and I am happily back on version 7.

There may be better ways to do it but it worked for me.

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I just used this, and now working fine. Was getting both IMAP and SMTP problems with 8. Worked for a while when I disabled my AV, but not comfortable with that. Would be interested to see the system and user test output for V8. Not sure why anyone would release a version with so many apparent potholes.

Did the same as well last night. Version 8 wasn’t working for me with my Exchange account. Took the same steps as @ArbieW and I’m back to v7 with functional email…amazing. :roll_eyes:

What was it you did @ArbieW ? I’m not clear from your post.

Thanks to all who responded. I’ve decided to move away from eM Client to something different.
Tired of things not working - I’m the type of person who only takes this crap once and moves on.

To Rafik, if you click on the link I posted, you should see a list of version releases. I just clicked on the latest version 7, uninstalled V8 and installed that one. Worked fine from outset. If you can’t see the link, let me know, and I’ll post up another. I also tried Mailbird, but it’s not free, and you get about a five day trial and then have to pay. I’m sticking with EM CLient for the time being, and hopefully will be able to move back to V8 soon.

I was having problems with initially IMAP and then SMTP, and was told by the helpdesk that I needed to disable my AV and they knew of the problem and was going to fix it. The problem is with V8 not my AV as it works fine with V7…

Thanks. I had already reverted, I am just interested in the method you used. I had to do a more circuitous method (see post above your original) because 7 wouldn’t initially reinstall because 8 had converted the database and 7 barfed at the new format.

I received an email from the helpdesk a short time ago, suggesting I change my IMAP and SMTP settings, as someone else had the same problems as me and changed them and it worked. I tried 8 again, but still not sending or receiving emails. My Mailbird trial runs out today, so I’ll go back to 7 if still no joy and wait to see what happens.

I have tried Mailbird. It’s quite slick but there is no email translation feature which is essential for me. On Linux Mint I use MailSpring. It’s good and has translation. It’s also available for Windows I believe.