Roadmap for new features, bug fixes etc.?

Dear em Client team, would you be so kind to provide some kind of roadmap with at least approx. ETAs for development? I’ve been using EMC since 6 months, since December as a Pro user with licences and I’m still seeing old threads here in this forum, dated back like 3, 4, 5 years ago with really trivial stuff and errors, which are not still corrected…

This is, sad to say, very discouraging to use in broader spectrum as one cannot be sure, which way the application will evolve. For me to say, that is, I had currently bought 5 licences for my company in order to set up a “beta test” programme within only our Marketing/IT department.

I will gladly convince our CEO to buy more licenses for entire company in order to migrate all users to one “global” solution (it’s like ~50/60 users) but as for now, we have to keep it low-profile and only within “our” 5 licences, because there are many “quirks” that need to be addressed before we will try to convince CEO to give more money for more licenses.

After this long preambule, I wish to propose, that you should launch some kind of “roadmap”, which is common practice in software development in order to show parties, that are interested in your product, WHICH WAY are you heading and WHEN we could expect particular feature or bug fix.

For example, one of CRUCIAL things in our company is tasks management. But EMC cannot for now properly handle repeating/reccuring tasks in cooperation with CalDAV protocol, which finally results in that, we cannot use nor implement your software in our company - because with invalid tasks handling if we implement EMC in ~50/60 computers and the users will be mad about it, we (I - me) will be killed by the board - yes, that’s an exaggeration, but it supposed to be like this.

And tasks are merely one of the “things” that does not work as we want them to work.

So… roadmap?

Raven66, I am wondering what version of eM Client you are using, because I am able to use recurring tasks on CalDAV using the latest version 7.1.32088.

Could you maybe start a new thread with the issues you are having what that?

I’ve already deliver you all the data, logs and scenarios, the support ticket is #63121 and it’s ongoing (I STRONGLY HOPE).

And I’m using the latest build, that you’ve mailed me (7.1.32088.0).

I don’t work for eM Client. If I did you might have got some feedback by now. :wink:

Actually my experience with Support is quite favourable. Generally my issues are addressed timeously, and as they usually concern bugs, I am confident that they are being passed on to the developers. Some of them have already been fixed in recent versions, so I am always positive that this trend will continue.

But I also supported this thread you started because I would like to know what the future holds for this application.

Sorry :wink: just got an impression, you’re with the support.

No problem. It has happened before.

This forum is primarily meant for user to user support, though it is monitored and there is occasional input by eM Client staff.

Hello? Does anyone from the team care to reply on this thread?

Seems they don’t care so much, or are not inclined to share their plans. :wink:

Some of the bugs/request are couple of years old and they seem to be NOT addressed at all…

Requests I can maybe understand, but bugs should be fixed. I know that the ones I have submitted through Pro Support have been addressed. Some of the changes are already in the current versions, and some are scheduled for the 7.2 release. Others, well I am hopeful they will be addressed at some stage. The only way I have that information is because it was in replies to my tickets.