right click send to mail doesn't work with Windows 10 Home Fall Creators 1709 (Latest Update)

I solved this problem on windows 10 the previous version as I explained here: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/rigth-click-send-to-mail-recipient-not-only-opens-em-clie…

But now, even I follow the same steps (with little difference since there are some changes in this windows version) it doesnt work any more. Any solution? 

I go to Windows Settings> Programs>Default Programs and choose em client as default mail app.

At the bottom of that page, click on “Set defaults by App” click eM Client>Manage and choose every file types except WEBCAL and WEBCALS which are doesnt get allowed to be chosen as it is clear from the pic. but the result is failure. 

Settings EMClient to be the default mailer via the old control panel also fixes the send to mail.

Using Windows 10 (any version), click the round (Search) icon on the taskbar bottom left. Then type control and you will see the controlpanel icon appear in the search at the top. Click on controlpanel and click on default programs. If you don’t see default programs click on “View By” at the top right and change to “Large Icons”.

Finally click “Set your default programs”. Next click on EMCLient on the left and click “Set this program as default” on the right window. Then reboot your computer and good to go.

You mean this page. It’s already done. But doesn’t work.  The same page which you mentioned about looks like this in up to date windows 10. It was like as you said in my pc too, em client on the left and set this program as defoult option on the right etc. 

Yes the new Win 10 way in your screenshot above (doesn’t normally set the right-click send to mail option), even if EMClient is showing as the default mailer there. This has allways been a problem.

From doing miles of Win 10 installs, you still have to set it default via the old Control panel to get it to work. Some bug that’s been in Win 10 from the start.

I find that when setting Thunderbird as the default mail client through Settings > System > Default Apps, right-click send to mail works as it should. When setting eM Client as default in this way, it doesn’t.

Yes Gary that is strange why EMClient doesn’t as you said. You would think defaulting any email client via the System / Default apps should enable right click.

The main issue: In the new Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) the old Control Panel for Setting up the defaults per app isn’t available anymore. So all of your described workarounds doesn’t work anymore :confused:

Yes the old Control Panel is still available in build 1709. You can either right-click on the start button and click Run and type control or click the Cortana round search icon and type control which brings up Control panel.

It is not the old control panel which isn’t available anymore, it is the “Set your default programs” link which REDIRECTS to the Windows 10 settings instead of opening the old settings page in the control panel :wink:

But: I was able to find a solution regarding this issue and i found also a corresponding answer in the microsoft community which describes how to fix this issue:
https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10-outlook_mail-winpc/email-program-w… (See the last reply)

It would we great if the eM Client developers could fix this issue, because thunderbird is doing well

Via the old control panel in V1709 after the control panel opens see the following screenshots which sets the default email client the old way and (doesn’t redirect) to the new Windows 10 settings.

Maybe my Win 10 version as per above screenshots still has the old set defaults still somehow working ? The above also still works on Win 10 V1703 on different PC’s here.