RIGHT ALT for special letters (country letters), LEFT ALT for MENU !

WTF??? Why in this e-mail app RIGHT ALT is for menu??? All world standard - every app on world reserve right alt for special letters… but this e-mail app use RIGHT ALT for menu…? How someone who write fast in many countries…(for example: Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Iceland, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy and many others…), can use this e-mail app…? I don’t know if this is joke… or maybe bug but it is unacceptable! Dear owner or developer or someone who care about this app PLEASE FIX THIS FAST!

Interesting.  I’m an in the US and I tested 4 or 5 apps and in every one RIGHT[ALT] did the same thing as LEFT[ALT]-- brings up the menu.

Apparently this is a known issue and eM Client is working to fix it.  See the following string:

Sorry for not understanding this was an international issue…

Right ALT + key gives special national letters 

ALT + a  ->  ą
ALT + c  ->  ć

it’s easy to accidently double tap right ALT and get menu instead of a special char and send unfinished message for example…

I agree with Norbert. I sent many infinite emails by accident. Sometimes these were important messages to customers. This is really annoying. Maybe you can do it as an option. I would like to completely block the possibility of entering the menu using the ALT key.
Please, take this seriously, because it really makes it difficult to work with the program.

This thread has been marked as solved, so I tested it and the right-ALT key does not bring up the menu.

Windows 10 build 17134.829
eM Client 7.2.35595

Could it be keyboard driver or OS specific?

Thank You for fast answer.
That’s right, the right alt is not moving, only the left. I meant to optionally disable moving to the menu on the left alt. In some programs, the left alt worked like the right one (I know the standard is different) and the habit remained when writing fast to use the left one. If not then I have to learn to use only the right one.

Windows 10 can remember keyboard layouts per application, so you might be able to have a keyboard with a disabled left-ALT key to use in eM Client.

Other than that, I think eM Client is using the standard method that all Windows applications should be using. Maybe it is a case of unlearning a bad habit. :wink: