Ridiculous low download speed

What’s up with the ridiculous super low download speed??

My broadband is 250/10 Mbit. I’m downloading “setup.msi” at 30-80 kb/s. I understand that there (can) be a speed limitation at high server load. But -100 kb/s is not acceptable

  • I know what i’m talking about
  • I’m not downloading anything else
  • No P2P
  • I have double checked my speed on known sources (bredbandskollen.se, facebook.com, download.com)

I thought it was just my connection, or a server overload caused by the rush after Mirko announced that the photos were back following the release of 30686. But 51mb should not take so long in any case. I guess that the download speed is throttled.

I just downloaded and got about 975 kb.