Revisions not included in Licence

When I purchased a Licence for eM Client Pro version 7, I would have expected that the licence would have covered revision and fix releases for version 7.

But having purchased version 7, and installing version 7.1, I received an email advising of version 7.2 and an upgrade fee similar to the original purchase price. The “Check for updates” option in eM Client returns the response “no updates available”.

If a licence is specifically set to a version and revision number; for instance Version 7.1 Pro rather than just Version 7 Pro, this would have been a lot clearer. I was not expected to be buying another licence until major revisions warranting eM Client Version 8 Pro appeared.

… food for thought…

Yes, I thought the same as you. Indeed when I updated to version 7 it explicitly said “Upgrade your older eM Client to version 7. You will get all subsequent updates.”

The upgrade to 7.2 should be covered by the 7 license (worked for me).  The check for update doesn’t always work immediately, as the don’t distribute to all users at once.  You can go here and get 7.2.33888.

Thanks Jay, if version 7.2 worked for you then it will probably work for me too, in due course. There is no hurry, so I’ll see if the automatic update triggers in the next day or so.

But tossing out an upgrade (at a fee) email combined with the update check saying nothing certainly leads to miss-construed impression.

Yeah, I got the same email.  I guess it was intended to sell additional licenses.

Thank you. That worked

I have had nothing but trouble with version 7 since installing it, when it was first released. It obviously did not install correctly, because if I wish to send a file/image by email and right click on it to send to mail recipient it comes up with the error window, saying, “Emailclient is not installed correctly or not set as default email client”!!
While it is set as the default email client!! I have updated email client with all the previous updates but nothing has changed— in fact, it is working slower and is likely to freeze at times!!
I would like to know how I could do a “CLEAN INSTALL” OF THE LATEST VERSION, hoping that would fix the problem!

I got one with a fee for “Lifetime” upgrades for $45 AUD and my colleague got a one off update for $19.95 or Lifetime for $40 AUD .   I have been a user since pre-release Beta testing version 1 and I am not impressed

Interestingly, it has been 2 days since the email arrived advising of version 7.2, and still eM Client says “no updates available”.
I wonder how long it will take? I know Jay provided a URL for the upgrade, now I am curious as to if or when the update will kick in.

I installed from URL and it works fine - make sure you close current version completely before installing

We are releasing the updates gradually to more users. Please be patient or download the newest version from the link above.

We want to ensure smooth update for everyone and we continually monitor any issues that could affect our users. Not upgrading everyone at once allows us to catch any potencial problems (such as interactions with 3rd-party antivirus software, or misbehaving on certain system versions) early without affecting all users simultaneously.

While a phased upgrade release makes sense from the perspective that you mention, having an email pushed out to advertise the upgrade would seem to indicate an opposing intent.
It also had the effect of sending the impression that version 7 licence holders were not entitled to the revision upgrade due to the application denying the existence of the upgrade.
This could have been easily covered in the aforementioned email advising that current version 7 users would be getting the revision upgrade in the phased release in addition to advertising fees for upgrades to other version owners. Something that may well be considered in future communications rather than creating a poor impression…

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, Can I uninstall EmailClient version 7 without loosing my saved emails?? WHEN OR HAVE YOU REPLACED THE STUPID NARROW SCROLL BAR in version 7.2?? Version 7 has the most useless narrow scroll bar to try and use that I have ever come across. Half the time one can’t even see the scroll bar, unless you can actually get the mouse pointer on it—very frustrating!!

The scroll bar is of a normal size in the classic and system themes.  In addition, any theme can be changed to have a wider scroll bar.  A good description on how to change it is in this post

… actually, I use the scroll wheel (on the mouse) for the most part I rarely have to touch that bar anyway.

I agree-- not to mention I have also become very used to the new scroll bar and use it with no problems.

It’s amazing what we can become used to if we just give it a chance…

I also bought what seemed to be a lifetime license and am now told I have to pay for 7.2! If this really is the case I will feel totally ripped off!! and will be telling all my colleagues to stay away from this company from now on.

I am really over developers screwing us and am getting more active about it no matter how much I paid for the license.

Relax, you don’t have to pay for 7.2.  Either wait for the update to be pushed to your account or go to the link I provided above.

Hi all,

In order to put things straight about the recent release. To those who own a version 7 PRO Licence, the update to 7.2 comes as included in their licence so you don’t need to pay anything extra. In the following promo action, we offered you extra purchase of Lifetime upgrades with a discount price. 

As we prevent a high traffic on the download link, we are deploying the new update “in waves” so you can expect to receive it in a few days.