Reverting to POP

Having set up my 2 existing gmail accounts with emclient, I realise that IMAP is a catastrophe for me ! I only used POP before and really have non use for IMAP synchronisation which is causing enormous grief !!
Unfortunately it can’t be turned off by the looks of it so:

  1. Feature suggestion - make it possible to disable IMAP and just use SMTP for existing accounts.
  2. Failing #1 above, what’s the best way to preserve my existing emclient primary account emails AND create a new gmail account that uses POP only ? I have imported 13,000 emails from my old pc (Vista/WinMail, now using Windows 7) into emclient in an imported mail subfolder so could I create a folder there and copy my primary gmail emails to it without any risk of them being synchronised/deleted if/when I delete my primary gmail account within emclient ?
    Maybe create a fake (non gmail address) ermail address so I can specify POP only and then manually reconfigure the credentials to gmail then copy my folders back into the new inbox ?
    I’ve made a copy of the drive C emclient folder just in case :wink:

Input welcome!

  1. You can disable IMAP service in the account settings, tab IMAP - simply uncheck the option “Enable service”. Unfortunately, at least one of your accounts must have this service enabled.

  2. Simply open the menu Tools - Accounts, click New account - Mail - Other and click Next. New window will appear where you can configure your Gmail account to use POP3 protocol.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Yes thanks, I’m aware IMAP can be turned off that way BUT…it’s annoying that people are forced to have one IMAP account whether they want to or not.

That is true but eM Client is mainly designed for sending and receiving messages so we believe at least one account should be always active.

OK, I tried to setup my existing gmail accounts manually but as there was no provision to do it, I specified a fake domain name and let emClient run through it’s automated setup and fail. I then entered the correct gmail credentials manually.
Tedious…but it gets there. :frowning:
So, I’m almost where I want it to be at !
IMAP accounts effectively disabled and SMTP/POP ONLY for the 2 gmail accounts.
Problem is it won’t retrieve email.
Error log says:
“An attempt to connect to failed” …

In diagnostics I got: [POP3] MailExceptions.SocketException: Error when receiving from account : No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Now I’ve got for POP and for smtp and ports 587 for smtp and 110 for POP (and have tried 995 too) but no-go.
Diagnostics say smpt is ok, POP isn’t. “fix” says it fixed it but didn’t.
Any ideas?

you need to use port 995 and set Security policy to "Use SSL/TLS on special port (Legacy). Hope it helps you.

eM Client simply does not work, can’t trust it to deliver/receive emails. Test send/receive against Thunderbird using exact same settings, TB is rock solid. So wish eM Client was up to the task, however, have to continue to pass for now.

In that case please contact me directly at - I will send you further instructions.

I got a bit confused originally by your interface layout, but it all worked out…

SMTP port 25 Use SSL/TLS if available
POP3 port 995 Use SSL/TLS on special port legacy works fine.

eMClient makes the claim “Best eMail Client for Windows”.

To live up to this claim, you should allow users to switch easily from POP to IMAP and vice versa. What’s the big deal?  Why MUST there be one IMAP account?  What is the reason for considering a POP account is not “active”?

If I switch from POP to IMAP then synchronise and bring all mail items down from the server.
If I witch from IMAP to POP then check the setting for “days to leave mail on server” (if you have this setting) and delete older mail.  MS Outlook allows one to do this - as does Thunderbird.  Why does emClient not provide for it?  I do not want to create an “Other” account.  I want to keep using my “normal” account.   :slight_smile:  

In my case - I have 6 email accounts already!    I really do not want to create another just because I need to switch from IMAP to POP.  :-)