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I’m new to eM Client, previously using Windows Live Mail. So far things are not too hard to get use to.

The scenario: Composing an email to send to multiple recipient separately without having to compose multiple emails and retyping the same message or copy/paste for each of them.

So in Windows Live Mail, I compose an email, type my message and add the recipient then press CTRL+S, this will save the message to the Draft folder, I open the email from the Draft folder, send it then go back to the earlier message I was composing, change some details to the message and recipient, press CTRL+S again to save the email to Draft, go back to Draft folder, open the email and send, so on and so on.

In eM Client I can’t seem to do the same. After composing the email I press CTRL+S, the email is saved in the Draft folder, when I open the email there, it won’t open on another instance like Windows Live Mail, it will open on the email I was composing, so If I send that, the composing window will disappear and I’ll have to create a new email. Any settings to enable many instance of composing email open or something similar?

I found a workaround and maybe a bug? Since I can’t open the email in Draft on another instance, I found that I can drag the email from Draft to the Outbox folder in Local Folders section. That way I can send that email while still having my composed email open and be use again. So on my way to send the 2nd email after editing the existing email and change recipient to resend again, I try pressing CTRL+S it won’t save the second time to Draft folder, so maybe this is a bug? The workaround I found is clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the message and select Save, that will save again to Draft folder. So basically CTRL+S to save email to Draft only work the first time, after that I have to click the Save under the 3 dot list.

Another hiccup after all that is, the email I dragged to Outbox won’t automatically send out, I have to go to Outbox, reopen the email and click send for it to actually send.

I hope you can understand this long explanation.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Hard to follow, but perhaps you would do better with a template?

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Save as Template file (*.emlt) outside emClient.
I don´t think it is possible to open the saved template inside emClient because templates are stored in the database?

Forward as original (sent folder) is another (better) option

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Thanks peeps. Yea I think template will be out of the question.

@bce I didn’t know Forward as original exist, after checking that out, you are right, I think it’s the closest to what I want and easier than what I was doing.