Return to the default settings

Good evening, I would like to know how to return to the default settings for the appearance of emails. Thank you for your help.

I don’t think there is a default setting reset.

What is wrong with the appearance of your emails ? Are the eg: fonts too big.

If the fonts are too big in your emails, you can eg: scale them up and down by holding the ctrl key, and (while holding the ctrl key), scroll your mouse wheel up and down over the subject or body area of the email to adjust how you like.

Thank you for your reply. The problem is that my messages all arrive “read” and it is unsettling in the management of emails (read, unread …)

ANY eMC rules set to mark email as read?
Any other computers set to access your host server and read email?
If using IMAP:
(a) Have your tried removing the account and re-adding the account, AFTER doing an eMC Backup [ MENU > BACKUP ].

(b) Have you tried Uninstalling eM Client, making sure to NOT delete your database directory when asked then Download and install the latest version from Release History AFTER doing an eMC Backup?

The problem is that my messages all arrive “read”

Yes as @sunriseal queried does sound like possibly some other device eg: (computer or mobile) is configured to the same account and has already read the email prior to arriving in EMC.

If you don’t have any other devices configured to your same account, suggest to change your server mailbox password and then update the new password in EMC and see if that fixes the problem.