Return to inbox on message delete

With the latest update, when I view a message in a separate window and then delete it, emClient displays the next message instead of returning to the inbox. I can’t find a setting to change this behavior. Why the change. Anybody know how to return to the inbox after deleting a message?

We changed this behaviour because lot of customers requested this change but we will add an option for this functionality into one of the next updates.

Thanks for the heads up, George. I thought I was losing my mind as I recently started using EM Client prior to the recent update. I wish to add my vote to have this as a toggle option as I also prefer to return to my inbox after deleting a message.

I agreed–this needs to be an option. I only mark messages as read when they’re opened in a new window, and this change is “reading” messages it shouldn’t.

Abso-blooming-lutely! There MUST be an option to return to the inbox when deleting a message. Automatically opening another message is so annoying to me that I stopped using eM when it started doing that. I was hoping today’s update would fix that or give us the option to change it. Damn. When will the next update come out?


That is good news to hear. One of the main reasons I moved to eM was because prior to version 5 it always returned to inbox after deleting an open email. Like JP I find it extremely annoying that instead of returning to the inbox it opens the next email. In fact because of this I’m not using eM as much and no longer recommend it to my friends with the same enthusiasm. The sooner this update arrives the better.


this is already implemented in 6th version beta, so if you want you can use it already.
If you want to wait for full release then it should be still as planned until end of autumn :slight_smile:

Link to 6th beta…


OK. I am running eM Client ver. 6.0.19714.0. When I delete an open email,it opens the next email rather than returning to the Inbox. The above post indicate that this was to be toggled in Ver. 6. I cannot find where to change this.

Hi Kim
It’s hidden away a bit and the wording is not very obvious but here’s how I did it.
Open EmCleint
Click on Tools in the Menu bar
From drop down list choose Settings and click on this. This will open up the settings screen. In here you will see a list on the left - General, Appearance, Mail etc
Click on Mail. This will expand to show the sub-headings under Mail.
If not already highlighted click on Read.
Under “Read” on the right you will see a list of options with tick boxes next to them. Go to the bottom tick box which will have the wording “close original message window after deleting the message”. Place a tick in the box opposite.
Click Apply
Click Ok
That’s it.
As a personal thing I always like to exit and re-start my email clients after I have made any changes like this, that way then I am certain of it happening.
Hope this helps

Hi, Tools - Settings - Mail - Read and uncheck “Close original message window after deleting the message”.