retrieving deleted junk mail

Deleted junk mail can be retrieved by logging into your service provider via browser and then signing into your web mail.

Hi fitness. Interesting idea!

I tried it with Junk that was assigned by GMX IMAP server and then deleted in eM Client. It does not work.
Which email provider did you test this on?

Also does not work with Gmail

I have a POP account with my service providers web server [Yahoo] and use an email client on my computer to access my mail. It leaves my emails for 90 days [user changeable] on my web server after deleting them on my client, then if I ever have to access a particular email that I deleted within that 90 days I can go retrieve it on the web server using my browser.  It works perfectly.

Do you use an IMAP account? may work differently in this regard.

Yes, of course you are right, fitness.

I think the majority of users of eM Client are using IMAP or Exchange, so the distinction is quite important.