Retrieve emails after using deduplicator???

Lost half of my emails using ‘deduplicator’. Can you please help me?
I used the deduplicator feature, innocently thinking it would tidy up duplicate emails throughout my email folders. However, it has completely deleted masses of crucial emails over the past 12 months or so form some of my most important folders. Can somebody please help me?   

Hello Colm,
while it is very unfortunate that some of the duplicates were resolved incorrectly, the deduplicator tool lets you check everything before deleting any emails. You are shown each instance of a duplicate that you can check before deleting the items, and you can also move the emails to Trash or any other folder first before deleting them permanently.
I am sorry for the loss of your data, but if you chose to delete the duplicates permanently and then didn’t check them before they were removed, I can only suggest being more careful next time. Unless you have a local backup to restore from or if your emails are perhaps in the trash folder, there is nothing else to do.