results do not match search criteria


I am using the search bar to search through my email messages. I type in “spa” and get many results: messages containing that exact word and messages with words containing “spa” (such as “spatial”), all as anticipated. But I also get search results where “spa” is nowhere to be found, neither in the subject, the body, the sender, the receipient. Why are those messages included in the search results?

And in case it is appropriate for this post: It would be fantastic if the search term was automatically highlighted in the results. Every time I search through emails I end up doing an additional search for the key word in the results to see them highlighted.

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Hi Bon, can you please make a possible screenshot of a message that does not include the word?
eM Client only downloads headers of emails by default and the body is downloaded after you open the message, unless you have “Download messages for offline use” enabled.

This might cause a difference in the search results.

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Hi Paul,

thank you for getting back so quickly.

I can not really make a screenshot due to confidentiality reasons.

It is quite obvious, though: I type “spa” in the search bar, the messages are filtered accordingly and I find numerous messages in which “spa” does not exist in any shape.

To exclude further possibilities I set the search to look in the message body only. When I select one of the messages in question and do a word search with the “Find…” tool I type “s” and all S’s are highlighted, then I type “p” (=“sp”) and all SP’s are highlighted (if any), then I type “a” (=“spa”), and no results are found.

I set the program to download all messages for offline use, as I learned that a search in the message bodies is not possible any other way.

Hope this is helpful to find the solution.

Hi again, the search feature is smart and can display related results. So unless you’re missing some emails after you confirm the search criteria, I don’t believe this is an issue of the application, but a feature.
But I can’t be sure without checking in the behavior, but I understand further testing is not possible due to confidentiality.

Let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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Hi Paul,

I do not understand how those emails would be related results. And I do not understand why I would be interested in related results. I would prefer the search function to be “dumb”, if you know what I mean.

How exactly would you be checking in the behavior? Maybe I can create some suitable test messages to investigate further?

I’d like to see screenshots of search results and search options used, as well as a possible exported message that should not be related to the search.
You can send this data to my email with a reference link to the forum topic.

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I also would like to see the search text highlighted in e-mails.

Hi Hans, thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.


Hi Bon,
I believe this issue is caused by the fact that in the header of the email there’s an information that the message was received through’s servers.
Or do you have some other example that would not match this?

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Hi Paul,

I don’t think that was the cause. First, the incorrect results appear also when I tell eM Client to only search in the body of the message and second, I have got a message that does not have “spa” in the header or the body and it is still listed in the search results. I’ll send you that message by email.