Restoring my lost local folder/email archive from an old backup?

I lost my archive of old emails in the last emClient upgrade. They were accessible under “Local Folders” when I opened emClient. They were not uploaded to my webmail.
I have also recently changed laptops too. I have a copy of all my older emClient data files (7gb so these must have that archive) on my old HD

Here are my questions:

  1. Were my old archived emails stored in the [Local Folders] folder located at C:Users%CurrentUser%)\AppData\Roaming\emClient\Local Folders?

  2. If so, can I simply replace the [Local Folders] folder and sub-files on my current laptop drive with the [Local Folders] folder and sub-files on my old laptop drive?

  3. Will this in any way compromise my more recent emails which emClient syncs with my webmail? ie. Do local folders ONLY contain email copies not found on my webmail or the main part of emClient synced with that?


Copying individual files from the database is not a good idea.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Copy the complete ~\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder from the old hard disk to a different location on your current one. So maybe C:\Download\eM Client.

  2. Disconnect from the Internet.

  3. In eM Client, go to Menu > Settings > General > Storage and make a note of the current database location.

  4. Change the location to C:\Download\eM Client\ and restart the application.

  5. Confirm the missing messages are there and then export them using Menu > File > Export > Export emails to .eml.

  6. Go to Menu > Settings > General > Storage and change the database location back to what it was in step 3.

  7. Close eM Client and reconnect to the Internet.

  8. Restart eM Client and import the messages you exported in step 5.

  9. Delete the C:\Download\eM Client\ folder.

Thanks Gary - really helpful and I much appreciate the swift reply.
The transition each time from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail and the eventually to emClient has taxed me over the years. When I moved to emC 8 (or rather simply reconfirmed my use of it) it wiped all my contacts and all my local folders. Hours of work have followed trying to get answers to fix it and then put it all back together. My webmail is much less flexible and easy to use so I still prefer a client program but maybe I will need to move back to webmail in the end.