Restoring files

My computer crashed and everything was gone, but I had Carbonite and restored my EM Client files to my new computer (in a zip file). I can’t seem to get the “import” function to work so that I can import all my mail from the other computer into my current EM Client on this new computer. Is there a help topic or support page that has the information on how to do this? (As you can see, I have no idea what I’m doing). Thanks.

Hello, if you have an existing backup of your eM Client database, you should be able to save this database file to your backup folder which can be setup in eM Client’s settings under Tools > Settings > General > Backup, and you should be able to import the data just by using the built-in restore feature under File > Restore. However note this only applies to backups made by the built-in automatic or manual backup of eM Client’s database.

If you’ve managed to restore your data using a different program you might be able to restore the database by replacing your current database in the AppData/Roaming folder under your User profile folder on your computer. To do so you would need to replace the current “eM Client” database folder which contains your current database.

Hi Paul - i’m having difficulties here! My old pc died but I had backed up emailclient to a zip file on an external drive. EMClient is not allowing me to set up an external backup location on the new pc and so I cannot restore the zip file from F:\SynchEMClientDataExport. (Altho’ you might think I’ve used Synchback to implement the backup, I believe that is only the data location but that I actually backed up from within EMClient File menu). This is quite disturbing - can you offer further help to restore the zip file as I need to retrieve my past mail so I can implement an activation code for other software I need to re-load as well as other archived material. EMClient is not allowing me to delete a proposed/default backup location on the new C: drive.

Well, not exactly sure why this should be but I seem to have solved this issue in my new  Windows 10 o/s by renaming my connected external backup drive to X: as was approp to my old Windows 7 o/s. So et voila EMClient is now allowing me to backup to the original folder on X: Furthermore I’ve successfully restored all my EMClient data - mail, address book etc - to the new pc albeit (of course!) with a couple of weeks mail missing.