Restored from backup and lost key; Key-retrieval e-mail never gets sent

I moved to a new computer and installed a fresh copy of eM Client.  I followed the instructions for backing up my data from the old computer and restoring everything to my new computer.  Worked fine.  Except I get the message that I have no active key.  So I go to create one, and of course I already have an account, and it directs me to the key-retrieval.  I entered me e-mail yet the key was never sent. 

I logged into webmail on my server to check for the e-mail, and hit the refresh button constantly for about a 15 minutes.  I tried several more times to get the key-retrieval e-mail sent.  I checked all junkmail/trash folders and nothing.

Is there any way to retrieve my license key?  Is the key-retrieval system broken?  Can an admin retrieve it for me?   I am about to dump it and just install Thunderbird.  

You didn’t say if it was a Free or Pro key, but I am assuming it is the Free License Key.

You can do one of two things:

  1. Write to eM Client and ask them to resend the key to you.

  2. Register a second Free License key using a separate email address.