Restore some deleted emails

I erroneously have deleted some emails from my eM Client inbox and trash folder.
However, the emails in question are still available on the Ziggo webmail server (POP).
Is it possible to get only these messages back from Ziggo into my eM Client inbox?
Thank you.

POP3 doesn’t sync with the server, so it is not possible through the POP3 protocol.

But there are some option:

  1. You can open webmail and export the messages from there, then import them into eM Client.

  2. Or setup the account a second time in eM Client, using the default IMAP. Once that is done, copy/move the messages from the IMAP folders to the POP3 folders and then remove the IMAP account again.


Option 1 works great. You made my day. THANK YOU very much Gary!