Restore Email

How can I restore my mail from a previous version of EM client?
I did a upgrade and before I realized it I forgot about my mail.
Now I have a new install of EMC I need to import my mail from the old version on the old hard drive. Is there a way to import the mail into the New install of EMC?
I have all the dat files! I also have access to the hard drive that has the other version on it. So all I need to know is can it be done and if so how?
I checked previous threads but only one and NO answer to it and it was 4 years old.
I’m running Win 7 Home 64bit.

The hard drive which has the old version is only accessible as files, the drive is on a standalone server now. They are waiting to format the drive till I get my email off of it!


Hi, copy from your old harddisk folder “eM Client” from C:\Users\Airywave\AppData\Roaming.

on your computer uninstall eM Client and delete same folder in same place and move there your folder from your old harddisk (copy it to somewhere else for a while to be sure) and install eM Client, it should keep your database and install new version over it.

If it will not work then tell me what version you have used before and I will send it to you over email.

Also tell me what email provider and protocol do you use? It is highly possible that you have your emails on the server and they will resynchronize after you will add your account.


em client not =to outlook 

Hi Finny, not sure what you’re having issues with from this message?
Can you please comment on this?

Thank you,