Restore e-mails from offline data?


I’ve set the option to download messages (+attachments +pictures) for my IMAP account.

If I delete something permanently in the user Interface (web based) on that account, can I restore messages from the offline data?

If that’s the case, how would that be done?



Hi Jeraldine, if you have the option Download messages for offline use enabled this unfortunately still synchronizes with the IMAP folder and thus if you delete the message in your webmail it will be deleted in eM Client as well, as eM client receives an update for this message that it has been removed. The option to download messages for offline use is for faster message loading and the ability to read your email on the road or whenever you don’t have internet access.

Thank you for understanding,


thank you, Paul!

No problem, let us know, if you come across any other questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,