restore deleted messages

A  friend accidentally deleted all her emails, including those in the deleted folder. Is there a way for her to restore her deleted emails?


Hi Galen, unfortunately if you’re using an IMAP connection all your performed actions are then synchronized with the folder.
In case you’re using a POP account, there’s a slight chance you still have the messages available on the server, to check, please login to your webmail and check if the items are available.

Otherwise your data has been deleted and can not be restored by the application without an existing backup.

Thank you,

I sort of figured that.  Thanks for your help.  She was using IMAP configuration. So, bye-bye emails!

Hi Galen,

What about a backup made using eM Client? A backup of the directory in which eM Client stores it’s data? A backup of all your data? A backup of a complete hard disk?

Is anything of that available to your friend?