Restore account without backup

Hello, I stupidly deleted my account without taking a backup first. All files with today’s date are in place - in C:\Users\HomePC\AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory, and also in my backup directory. But I don’t have any zip file to restore. How is it possible to get my account’s data please? I am desperate.
Thank you.

domingo 21 mayo 2023 :: 1537hrs (UTC +0100)

Hopefully, your account was IMAP, and it really was only your email account that you deleted (Menu ->Accounts) simply set up your email account again and it should resync - this could take a while dependent upon how much is on the server.
Setup Backup: Menu ->Settings ->General ->Backup
(use: Frequency: 1 Day & Preserve last: 5 backups)


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Thank you very much! You saved me! :slight_smile:

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Well, I already set a daily backup!
Thanks again, be well! :grinning: