Response from 'request delievered' and 'request read'

I just used the options request a delivery and read confirmation. I did get a message back that looked just like mine. However I do not know if this is a confirmation delivered or confirmation read. I guess the logical thing is to assume the first one come back is the confirmation delivered? I guess I answered my own question. If I’m wrong or something more to understand I’d appreciae any input. Thanks!  Jack  ":-Dx

Hi Jack, if you’ve requested a read and delivery receipt while sending your message, most probably the first delivered one should be the delivery notification, e.g. notification that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s mail server.

Such notification should probably be delivered with a “Delivery notification” included in the subject with information about the delivery status and attached original message.

Read receipt will only be received when the recipient of the message confirms if he wants to send the read receipt back to you, unless he has setup the option to be sent automatically, read receipt should include “Read:subjectofyourmessage” in the notification subject.

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Any particular reason why sync has errors only sometimes?

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