[Resolved] E-mails aren't displayed

Hi there! Major problem with my eM Client. It was fine for several years until recently. I do search for some e-mails and it just shows some not all. Other than that, I started having a major problem today. All my e-mails older than today aren’t shown, I mean the contents isn’t displayed it just freezes when I open an e-mail to read it (I don’t have preview). It shows all the details of the e-mail (sender, subject, date, time, size, attachments, etc). When I click on any it doesn’t show anything. Plain white blank page. Any ideas?!


OS version?
eMC version?
email provider?
When you say " It was fine for several years until recently." what have you done to your PC or eMC that might have changed the situation.

It would appear as if the database has been corrupted, but check if there any errors logged and post them here:
menu/operations/ errors and logs

Have you tried to restore eMC from backup?

7 something (latest) and yesterday decided to upgrade to 8
Email provider? My own domain in a 3rd party server

Well, did nothing to my PC or eMC. I was working normally and eMC went down displaying an error message. All day long I couldn’t see any contents of my e-mails prior to yesterday’s. I did upgrade to 8 and everything remained the same. As I have an IMAP account, I decided to run Thunderbird on my Linux machine and it downloaded everything and could search and/or read all of my e-mails from several years. This morning, I started my laptop as usual and after opening eMC and nothing had changed, I was working normally and there was an error message again. I clicked on it and the automatic tool of eMC started solving the issues related to the error. Guess what? I do already read all my e-mails, it displays everything again, including attachments and it seems to be downloading everything again from the server where I have my e-mail account. Beats me! But it is working fine only taking some time to finish this process as my mailbox is massive… >30Gb.

The large mailbox is probably partially responsible.

I have 3 suggestions. First is turn turn off the server search function

The second is to go to Menu > Accounts > IMAP and select the box to download for offline use

Third is to leave eM Client running overnight so it can re-download all the messages.

Many thanks! Cheers!

Just to end this topic. All 100% now and working fine. One of the issues really was space in my HDD. I don’t know why, but I left a huge massive folder with over 50Gb on my laptop which had exported e-mails from several accounts… Moved it to an external 1Tb drive and now have almost 90Gb free in my HDD. All good. Again, many thanks for your suggestions here in the forum!

In addition to all the valuable suggestions listed above, I would seriously think about exporting a large proportion of the emails you have stored on eMC to a mailstore locally - maybe on a portable HD.
I’m sure this will help improve performance and avoid these types of annoyances.
Buena suerte…

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Boa sorte in portuguese :wink: Thanks anyway :smiley: