resizing image in signature file does not work when adressee of the mail uses e.g. Outlook

When an image is inserted in the signature-file, one can resize it. Works fine when sending emails between different eM Clients. However, when the adressee of your email is using for example Outlook (haven’t checked it with other emailclients), the inserted image is displayed at 100% (real size). Workaround is off course to resize the image to a desired size before inserting it in the signature, but then there’s no need for resizing-handles.

So when you send message from eM client and it is shown in webmail interface or in other mail client than Outlook with resized image correctly?


NO, it is as described above in my original comment.

I create a signature and I use an image-file with our company-logo. In eMClient the original image was displaying too large for a decent signature. So I resized it with the handle bars, i.e. I made it smaller.

When I now send an email from eM to eM the signature displays correctly (small logo). When I send an email from eM to Outlook, the logo in the signature is displayed at 100% of it’s original size, in my case way too large…

I have not tested the rescaling of the image when sending mails to other clients than Outlook or eM.

Hi, if it is working from eM client to eM Client then problem will be in Outlook.


maybe if you resize the image itself and include the smaller image to your signature it might solve the problem for other email clients as well.


Sorry John, I disagree. For now, I don’t think eM has 90% of the email clients, so chances are that we’re sending mail with a signature to a customer who uses a non-eM email client.

Sorry Paul, that’s yet another workaround. I can agree with inserting an image in the right size (i.e. 100%), but then you have to lose the resizing handles in the signature editor.

Hi again,
can you please tell me what version of eM Client are you using? I tried replicating your issue and it worked fine with Outlook.

Thank you,

eM 6 0 19861 0

can I send you a series of screenshots? Just made them for you.

Yes, you can post them here if it’s no problem.

screenshots describing the issue

we’ve successfully replicated the issue and we’re working on a fix, so please be patient. Thank you for pointing this out to us.