Resetting / purging email color categories

I got eM Client for years, and often changed of computer too, the whole being linked to a Gmail account and a few pop accounts.

My color categories are a real mess (my guilt) and if you change the theme, some choices are not visible enough (from black theme to a clear one for example)   :

  1. When I right click on a mail, to “categorize”, I got a scolling list with a ton of old categories from previous install (or so it seems - no edit possibility)

  2. When I go to tools / categories, I got the basic eM Client ones (with no custom name)

  3. If I click on the category in a mail (not right click, but left click), I got the selected categories (that can be unselected but not edited)

So, …  how is it possible to reset all the colors categories, to re-categorize everything right ?

Thank you !  

Hello Gilles,
I suggest you are using the newest version 7. We treat Gmail’s labels differently now - the same way they work on webmail. As both folder and a category. That’s why you cannot edit them locally in eM Client.
The colors are assigned randomly at this time. We are aware of this and plan to find a workaround.
At this time you can create a category of a same name as your Gmail folder in the local mail categories and assign a color to it. It will be paired with your existing Gmail label and adopt the color (this only works for main folders though, not subfolders).


Hello Olivia, thanks for the tips. 

In fact I work with eM categories only (I mean, it doesn’t matter if Gmail categories are different and I override GMail categories config). 

I use the 7 version, but my problem is that I want to “erase” all previous color categories to re-categorize everything (a kind of “default value”).

For example, along the years I have a “important” category, and while I change computer, etc, I surely created 1 or 2 more “important” category. So today some mails comees with 3 “important” flags with different colors. LOL