Reset to default-state/complete remove?


I’m having some serious problems here. I uninstalled eM Client and even cleaned the registry but everytime I install it again, all settings, accounts, categories (major problem - sync error with outlook) are the same as before. Please help me I can’t use a backup because I didn’t create one. Also I want the DEFAULT STATE OF THE PROGRAM! I have no data to get back I just want this thing to set back as it was when I first installed it!

I hope you can help me.


After you uninstall one must delete the folder that it created completely if you want to start from beginning.  Also note all of your parameters and stuff will also be gone    like you never had the program.
Unistall first
Delete its folder
Re install should be clean

You should find the folder here 
c:\users\Your_pc_id\Appdata\Roaming\Em Client 

Once you get it to your liking please use its internal backup  for later restores
Hopes this helps

Note if your cannot see the folder Users 
go to Windows Control Panel
Select Folder Options
Select View tab
look for “Hiden files and folders”
check  show hidden files and folders

Deleted the files from %appdata%, testing it now but shouldn’t the registry do the job?

Thanks for the fast reply!

It worked thank you very much!

Why can’t you find the solution anywhere in the web? I’ve been searching for hours now, thank you so so much!

Have a nice day!

Generally no      since the actual programs or control files are still there. 
Some applications do not remove some files when one uninstalls as they could be control files others remove all or give you an option.  It is always safe to assume that an uninstall might not remove all of the files that it installs.  or it creates files after the install   and are not deleted when one uninstalls.  The registry only points to a location and if the file is missing the registry entry is marked not usable.   
Glad it helped